Disaster Recovery

Have you ever experienced a power or phone system outage? What did you do?

It’s not hard to understand why businesses forget about voice when it comes to disaster recovery. Traditionally, the phone company was in charge of your phones. As long as the lines were functioning, you had service. Once the lines go down, you’re left with nothing. The most you could do was request a forward to an external number. You couldn’t pick up your phone and take it with you.

But your phones are a vital part of any disaster recovery plans. Think about it. Even the simplest emergency response plan requires communication. Whether you have to contact emergency services, the nearest law enforcement authority or the employees within your office, you need the phones. You need the phones to respond when disaster strikes, and you need to be prepared if something happens to your phone system itself. Natural or man-made disasters can easily bring down your phone systems, even if they were not the primary target.

With a conventional phone system if the power goes out so do your phones. With our VOIP system if the power and even your internet goes down your calls will still ring through to the app on your mobile phone. This is built in disaster recovery. After all, none of the equipment is at your office. Your provider delivers phone services to the cloud. If something should happen to your office, you can relocate your employees or send them home. They can continue working from anywhere!