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Do you currently have or are you looking for a traditional or older type Smart Board with a seperate screen, projector and laptop?

These systems offer fantastic software benefits but users tell us that the hardware itself creates many issues that they wish they could eliminate. Below we will briefly discuss these issues then offer you what is without a doubt a significantly superior system and literally light years ahead of anything else on the market.

Issue #1 - The older systems use a projector and projectors throw shadows.  So the presenter gets in the way of the image.

Issue #2 - Because you are using a projector the presenter must lower the lights. When you lower the lights the people who are being presented to (many  times students) have a difficult time seeing their own desk, paper or work area.

Issue #3 - If the projected image does not line up perfectly with the presentation board then the interactive software does not work properly.

Issue #4 - You have seperate components. The presentation board, (or white board) a projector, and you need a seperate computer or laptop.  This is very cumbersome.

Issue #5 - Clarity of image and line of vision - A projected image just is not crystal clear and if you are off to the side the projected image is even harder to see.

Issue #6 - The bulbs in the projector burnout and they can cost as much as $300 each.


The Sharp Interactive WHITEBOARD

The SHARP interactive Whiteboard completely eliminates all of these issues!  What SHARP has done is brilliant!  They have taken their AQUOS TV's and converted them into a Giant interactive PAD that runs Windows Operating System.

So you get all the benefits of a Traditional Smart Board, all the benefits of a computer, all the benefits of an interactive PAD, and all the benefits of one of the worlds most beautiful HI-DEF TV's!

BIG screen. BIG impact. BIG advantages over conventional display solutions.

Available in screens up to a spectacular 80" class (80" diagonal), these LED-LCD interactive displays give you convincing reasons to think BIG - with brilliant color images for greater communication power. Superior collaborative ease with touch-screen convenience.

For versatility and performance in business meetings, teleconferences, presentations, training/classroom instruction and high-impact signage , there's never been a better time to think BIG - and think Sharp.

With the SHARP Interactive Whiteboard you are only limited by your IMAGINATION!

 * Traditional Teaching - Interactive Texts books are now available from almost all the publshers
* Corporate Meetings
* Remote Teaching Sessions
* Video Conferencing
* WebEx, GoToMeetings, Skype and others.
* Import a magazine article into the system and teach a lesson on it!
* Capture web images and videos and make it part of your presentation or lesson plan!
* etc., etc., etc., - You are only limited by your IMAGINATION!

The APEX Advantage

The solution we provide our clients is TURNKEY!  
Why is this important?

This is a 200 plus pound system.  It is not something that you want to buy off the internet and attempt to install yourself.  Our staff of professionally trained technicians will deliver, install, setup the computer, and completely train your staff.  When we leave you will have a fully functional Interactive System and your staff will be ready to start using it immediatly!

FINANCING - No Money Down!  We get your company or institution approved, and we deliver your new system!  You have a small very affordable monthly payment without any capital outlay!

Disadvantages of Regular SMART BOARDS

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