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Outsourcing and Facility Management Services

Apex Consulting Group, Inc. provides the following services as a part of its standard Outsourcing and Facilities Management service package across all industries and markets:

Document Production Centers

Also called "Copy Centers", Apex provides staff to handle all copy and document production services including original document pick-up, scanning, document production, finishing, distribution and delivery.

Fleet Copier Management

Our onsite staff maintains centralized and walk-up copiers, paper and toner, staples and copier service. Our staff ensures that all equipment is in perfect operating order. They are the first-responders for trouble-shooting problems and for making service call for repairs. The staff maintains a log of all open requests for service and manages the process through satisfactory completion of repair.

Facsimile Services

Apex provides complete paper and electronic faxing and fax-forwarding service including pick up, transmission, delivery, and confirmation.





Mail Room Management and Courier Services

Apex staff professionally delivers your letters and parcels. We stay current with all postal regulations and we manage all aspects of incoming and outgoing mail. The staff will pick up, time stamp, sort and deliver incoming mail. They will also pick up and post outgoing mail

Our mailroom staff process shipments through US mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne and all shipping services companies. They will log and sign for incoming and outgoing package. Apex will also recommend, implement and operate an automated check in system if one is not already in place.

Our site manager will secure and negotiate best service levels and pricing from local messenger and courier services

Scanning and Imaging Services

This service can be performed at your site or off site at one of our production centers or at a third party location. Our team will log, prepare, scan, QC and reassemble your documents. Our technology captures images to ensure optimum quality. Apex can deliver your scanned documents in several industry standard formats to your servers or we can provide hosting of your files utilizing Apex "cloud" resources.

Records and File Room Management Services

Our trained record staff will organize, file, and manage your paper and electronic documents from creation through disposition. Our onsite staff and management team will develop and manage a comprehensive records management program that includes adherence to retention policies and schedules, file-room and offsite storage management. The staff will perform record searches quickly and efficiently and deliver files to those requesting them. We will deploy the latest bar-code or RFID records management technology to reduce labor and storage costs.

Supply Management

The Apex Supply Management process establishes inventory control procedures to determine and maintain re-order points. Our process and procedures are designed to help our customers manage cost increases through volume discounts and just-in-time procurement. Our staff will maintain on-site distribution and control and will manage shipments against purchase orders. The staff will confirm that all supplies have been received and we will manage the back-order process through final receipt of all supplies.

Our management process is designed to analyze overall usage and cost management controls. The onsite team will establish and maintain professional vendor relationships and bidding policy to negotiate the best prices.

Receptionist Services

Apex provides professional receptionists who effectively interact with your staff and your customers. Our staff is fully trained and we provide backup staff ready to fill in when your regular receptionist is absent.

Conference Room Management

Apex staff will schedule conference rooms for meetings. The staff will perform conference room set up and cleaning for each meeting. If an in-house AV staff is not in-place, Apex staff will set up projectors and other electronic presentation devices. If needed, our staff will coordinate the ordering and set-up of food and beverages for each meeting.

Kitchen/Pantry Services

Our staff will maintain supplies, re-stock and clean kitchens and pantries.

Facilities Maintenance

Our staff can provide basic facilities maintenance such as spot cleaning, changing of light bulbs and office moves.