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Office Efficiency Consultants


Consulting Services

Apex consulting services will help our clients reduce costs and improve productivity. We begin with helping you make the right decision on what to buy, and we work with you to measurably improve your organizations capabilities and overall performance. We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

We recommend starting with our Assessment Instruments to best determine and understand your organizations current state. From there, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate solution to provide the maximum savings and operational improvements.

Our advisory and consulting services are listed below:

We customize an RFP process to suit your organization needs. We provide pricing and competitive vendor information to help you make the best vendor decision possible. We will guide you through the final selection of the vendor, contract negotiations and implementation to ensure that you achieve the highest level of value from the vendor you select.

RFP Management

Apex also provides project management of the entire RFP and ongoing engagement and we will help you ensure contract compliance through period reviews of vendor performance.

Our RFP Management Service delivers results:

* Provides unbiased due diligence to current vendor selection process
* Helps you make an informed vendor decision using quantitative scoring
* Receive the best value - highest level of service at the best price
* Standardize service offerings
* Outsourcing of the RFP process frees you up to concentrate on your core business activities

Vendor Compliance

We conduct an on-site analysis and review of current vendor contracts and performance. We provide a benchmark comparison and review of:


Hardware & Software

Equipment Configuration & Deployment

Service & Costs


We then make recommendations to ensure your operation is functioning at peak efficiency and in a cost effective manner. If our recommendations include making changes, we will work with you to select new vendors, products and services that will deliver results

Print & Document Output Management

We review your current document production and storage operations, including printer fleets, multifunctional printers (MFP), multifunctional devices (digital copiers), scanners, storage devices, document management system (DMS) and workflow systems to assess production costs. Based on our findings, we will work with your current vendors to right-size or modify their current products. We will also create a custom RFP to acquire a new, more cost-effective solution.

Our Process

Analyze output devices

Right size MPD's

Analyze document scanning & workflow processes

Review Document Cost Recovery systems if any

Provides the basis for enterprise wide product procurement and savings

Office Supplies Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your current office supply purchasing, price levels, inventory, shipping requirements and other services. We determine if your contracts are competitive and if you are fully leveraging your office supply spending to get the best value.

Records Management

We conduct a complete records management review of your onsite and offsite records operations. We review record retention policies and procedures, offsite storage cost and contracts, onsite file room procedures, records life-cycles and document disposition process.

Overnight, Mail Room and Shipping Analysis

We will review your current inbound and outbound mail operations, vendors, shipping requirements, technologies, distribution processes and other user requirements. Our team will evaluate your current mailing processes, internal delivery methods, mail technologies and mail room workflow from receipt of mail to end-user delivery.

IT and Infrastructure Analysis

Our team of subject matter experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your hardware, software and support services cost. We will review and compare current system configurations to end-user requirements and we will audit all licenses, leases, support services and maintenance cost related to your IT infrastructure investments. Apex will also provide RFP support should we recommend changes to your current operations and vendors.

                  Utility Cost Management
Apex consultants will review your current gas and electric expenditures with the intent of reducing your cost in three areas: Possible refunds Reduced consumption Savings through alternate suppliers

Telephony Cost Management

Apex Consulting provides its clients cost reducing solution through our partnerships with leading communication providers. Our teams of experts perform a detailed analysis of your current system and costs. Together with our strategic partners we can deliver savings in the following areas: Local and international voice and data phone services, Internet access, Data networking, Cell phone Video conferencing, Cloud technology